Why WordPress For SME Web Design?

Why WordPress For SME Web Design?

Small Business Web Design

WordPress for small business web design is a great solution for many great reasons. Now that more and more business is being done online, it’s important for small businesses to find a suitable solution to grow their business online. This provides their target audience a great resource to research their products/services. From there, the consumer can then purchase online or go in-store and purchase their desired item(s). Not only that, but it also allows  a SME to compete with larger brands online through effective affordable SEO, something much harder to achieve offline.

Why WordPress?

WordPress requires absolutely no coding at all, so really ANYBODY could set up a website using the platform. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to create a website that your business deserves in an hour or so. This requires dedication and some expertise so it really is best to outsource this to an affordable web design company so that you can concentrate on your business and ensure that your small business web design represents your business with class online. Remember, that the majority of web users make up their mind about a website in the first five seconds, so first impressions are vitally important. Good web designers can easily create a superb website for a small business through specifications provided by the small business. Once it’s completed, the small business can then determine if any changes need to be made. This is a great advantage of using WordPress, as making changes is easily done than any other web design platform.

Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress is great for SEO. The clean code that the platform uses allows search engine robots to easily determine the theme of the website and helps to rank the website within the search engines quicker than any other web design platform. Make sure your website content is also optimised for the search engines and you’ll find your small business website bringing highly relevant and targeted traffic and ensuring that your small business evolves massively.

Content is King!

If you’ve been reading up on SEO, you’ll have heard this phrase a million times. Content really is king in 2013.  Since Google, the main search engine to optimise for due to it’s popularity, updated its search engine algorithms, SEO emphasis has shifted greatly to the content created on a website.

So why is WordPress great for content? Well, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Due to the nature of the system, it allows the small business owner and it’s employees to easily update the content on their website through their own unique log in. If at anytime, the content on the website is not correct, it can easily be changed without having to find a web developer.


WordPress allows a small business web design to integrate a blog that can be updated on a frequent basis. A blog allows a website to create unique and fresh content that can also be targeted for SEO purposes and rank for it’s own keywords through the search engines.  A blog allows a website to target highly relevant users that are more likely to purchase a product/service, so it’s vital that SME owners ensure their online strategy includes focus on fresh content through their WordPress website blog.

These are just a few of the many reasons why WordPress is great for SME’s. If you’re looking for more information about WordPress, Web Design & SEO, contact Superb Search using the link below.

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  • http://blog.airsupplies.co.uk George Thomas

    Great post. We use wordpress for our blog. Very easy to use from our point of view and the readers.

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