What Is Search Engine Marketing? (SEM)

What Is Search Engine Marketing? (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing – What Is It?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the combination of the techniques involving search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) to generate an increase in online traffic to your website. Both techniques aim for the same goal, however, the processes in reaching them are completely different for each technique.

SEO has many advantages that PPC does not, and vice versa.

Let’s look at the advantages of each!

Speed in increased visitors to your website

PPC = Quick
SEO = Much slower

Targeted traffic to your website coming from SEO will take any where from 3 to 18 months for you to see an increase in visitors depending on your chosen keywords. However, an increase in PPC visitors can be seen in a much shorter time, days to weeks, determined the size of your project.

The actual cost-per-visitor for you to the web site

SEO = Lower
PPC = Greater

PPC marketing will generate a higher cost per visit due to the instantaneous power of the marketing channel. The cost of each visit will vary depending on the keywords targeted and the competition associated with it. SEO is a much lengthier process , as stated above, and will involve costs without seeing many results at the beginning of the SEO process. However, once all the cogs in the SEO process are in motion, you will see a huge increase in visitors to your website due to higher search engine rankings without having to pay every time a user clicks through to your website from a search engine.

Information regarding the most effective search phrases

PPC = Huge
SEO = High – But will it be profitable?

Through PPC you will be available to market your website on any search phrase you like and evaluate the effectiveness of the search phrases without losing too much of your search budget. Once you’ve evaluated and found the most profitable search phrases for your website, you can remove the invaluable ones and focus on your chosen search phrases to boost your revenue and grow your company.

Although keyword research is invaluable for both search engine marketing techniques, it cannot be stated how much more important it is for your SEO efforts. If the right keywords have not been chosen, you could be aiming to rank for keywords that simply aren’t possible to rank for due to not only the competition but the size of the companies you are competing against. If you’re a small business, you don’t want to be trying to compete against MNCs who will have a budget that is a thousand times bigger than yours.

Furthermore, SEO will only let you target an individual webpage for one or two key search phrases whereas PPC will let you target an unlimited amount of search phrases for an individual webpage. Once you have optimised a web page for your chosen search phrases, you could be ranking high for the search phrase but it could be pointless if your chosen search phrase isn’t proving to be profitable for your business.

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