SEO Trends of 2013

SEO Trends of 2013

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever-changing and evolving beast. No two years are the same as Google continually makes algorithm changes, rendering techniques that worked six months ago all but useless today.

Getting the best results from your SEO efforts means keeping abreast of the latest trends, in 2013, these trends are all about quality. Here are some of the methods and techniques that will be leading the way in SEO this year:

Quality content

Surviving SEO in 2013 will depend greatly on the quality of your content. Google has become very sophisticated in deciphering the good content from the bad, and is pretty explicit at how it intends to favour the stuff deemed to be of value. This means ignoring the keyword stuffing and fluffed content that brought rewards in the past and instead focussing on relevant and informative content that brings satisfaction to the reader.

Get Mobile

The exponential growth of smartphone and tablet sales has transformed the way people access the Web. Handheld devices are now the primary source of internet access for many people and webmasters need to make sure their sites are optimised. If a website doesn’t work well on mobile, users will not hesitate in going elsewhere. Devote some time and resources into ensuring your site caters to this new generation of internet users.

Go social

Google pays a lot of attention to how much content is shared around the Web. It awards this popularity with a high search ranking. To spread your message far and wide, social media is key. You probably already have Facebook and Twitter, but think about others sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Keeping up with the latest SEO trends will ensure a boost in your search ranking, propelling your business ahead of the competition and helping you to attract new visitors. And, in 2013, it’s quality all the way!

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