How Many People Use The Internet?

How Many People Use The Internet?

Internet Usage in the UK & Why this is Relevant to SEO for UK Website Owners

The number of UK internet users has grown significantly year over year since 2007. According to recent statistics that were published, 2011 saw nearly 20 million households having an internet connection. This is around 78% of all households in Great Britain, and it represented a jump of nearly 4% in the year from 2010. If UK website owners don’t currently have a good SEO plan in place, then now is definitely the time to kick things into high gear if they expect a piece of the internet frenzy spending action. Google records nearly three billion search hits per day. While some of these are from other countries around the world, it doesn’t really matter since UK website owners are extremely well placed to tap into international markets to increase their revenues. That is the beauty of the World Wide Web and the revolution that it has initiated in the global economy.

UK Internet Users Taking to the Web are Stronger than Ever

Since Google commands more than 80% of the total search engine market share, it is more critical than ever for UK website owners to embark on solid search engine optimisation campaigns focused on currying favour with the internet giant. There are plenty of top SEO companies in Great Britain that can effectively put a plan together. While businesses can move up in search engine ranks quickly using Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and other methods, these means hold no level of permanency for their businesses. A PPC campaign is only as good as the last cash injection you pumped into advertising. Statistics show that nearly 80% of internet users completely ignore sponsored links in any case, and nearly as many don’t ever go beyond the first page of results to find what they need on Google. This is a clear indicator that money will be much better spent on a long-lasting SEO campaign. The average internet user in the UK spends almost 40 hours each month browsing the internet, and these users spend nearly 25% of their disposable income on internet purchases. At a time when the economic climate is still treating high street retailers cruelly, this is a phenomenal amount of cash flowing into the online economy on a daily basis. The number of mobile internet users in the UK has also risen to nearly 50% of the total UK population. These figures are fantastic news for UK website owners who are already on the path to success with a great SEO campaign.

UK Shoppers Push Internet Spending Levels to Record Highs with Internet Purchases

Internet shopping has risen sharply in the UK in recent years. In 2010, more than 30 million people; or around 67% of all adults in the UK made purchases online. Nearly 75% of them went through a search engine to do it. Keeping in mind that the majority of internet users never go beyond the first page, most websites are never even seen unless they are fighting for visibility by hiring a search engine optimization company to improve their ranking. In 2007, UK internet purchases were around £42 billion, and they increased to nearly £58 billion by 2010. In 2012, that amount reached a staggering £77 billion. It is clear that consumer internet spending isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it is expected to continue to increase rapidly. A good SEO campaign can help UK website owners establish their stake in a booming and exciting marketplace by strategically building their Google rank using a variety of proven methods.

The art of grabbing Google’s attention and clawing your way up to the first page for relevant search terms isn’t rocket science. It essentially hinges on having an abundance of good quality, regularly updated content combined with a steadily growing library of back links from reputable sources within your industry. An established presence on the main social media platforms also compliments these efforts; something that is likely to become more and more important in the coming years. This being said; a serious SEO campaign is a time consuming venture, and one that cannot be undertaken half heartedly. The field is also changing all the time, with new algorithm updates being released by Google on an almost monthly basis – and the rules of the game changing with baffling regularity for the non-initiated. These facts underpin the exponential growth of the SEO service industry in the UK over the last decade, and explain why all online businesses should give serious thought to recruiting the help of professional search experts in their bid to attain the heights of Google’s search rankings.

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